Social Media Myth: I can have my secretary do it, or outsource it overseas.

I wouldn’t, if I were you.

Let’s look at the outsourcing first. Blogging and Social Media interactions use vernacular and idiom. This is a planned technique, used to personalize the experience of your readership. Give your potential customers and readers credit for knowing how people sound. They will be aware, almost immediately, that the message they’re reading didn’t come from you.

Social Media works, in part, because the audience believes they are hearing from you (the owner, operator, CEO, CFO, artist, principal) directly. Disrupting this core expectation will crush your ROI, and damage your social credibility.

Your secretary is a marvelous person, but not the right one to cope with your company’s Social Media messages and engagement. Why? She’s already busy.

Social Media requires constant monitoring. It benefits from regular interaction with your followers. You need to test it, schedule it, build strategy, implement it, and build consistency.

A friend of mine, a very successful Social Media user, has a full-time day job. I asked her how much time she spends on a daily basis, maintaining her presence, and Social Media relationships. Three to four hours a night… every night.

Does you or your secretary have three to four hours a day, minimum, to devote to Social Media? Probably not.


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