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Relevance: all Social Media channels

Social Media is useless without content. Content is useless without purpose. It stands to reason that Social Media without a purpose is equally useless.

Use Social Media interactions to drive your viewers to information you want them to receive.

Here’s an example: you post an entry to your company’s blog about new services you’re offering. Copy the link to that new entry, and share it across your Social Media channels. Drive your followers back to your website to read that entry.

The longer you can engage their attention on your site, the more likely people are to convert from casual browsing to actively contacting you about your products or services. One of the best techniques for increasing the time people spend on your site is to populate it with useful, relevant content.*

Once you become a trusted resource, followers will become clients. Clients, if you manage your relationships well, will become fans. Fans share good things with people they know.

Social Media, once again, isn’t voodoo. It is modern word-of-mouth public relations.

*In the age of SEO, relevant content is incredibly important to your site’s performance in searches. Meta tags and keywords are still useful, but only when the content delivers on their promise.

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