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Change where you set your goals.

Traditional marketing and sales goals for the “funnel” are 2-4% of the contacts you make.

In Fundraising, specifically direct mail, you’re having a great day if you get 1% returns on your program.

Consider setting your conversion goal at 1%. Why? Let me show you with an example, where the conversion is that they turn around and share my message. That’s the result I want.

I have 306 friends on Facebook. 1% is 3 people. The variable we don’t have is how many friends those 3 people have… until we look at research done elsewhere.

Okay, my 3 friends have 2 friends each (based on 1%) that they might convert. One cycle of conversion nets me 6 people. The progression from that point is exponential, if the conversion process continues.

What happens when you get to 10 cycles beyond the first one?

6—12—24—48—96—192—384—768—1536—3072 people reading the message

This is partly why Social Media is the incredible tool that it is. You can reach a large number of people, faster, than ever before. The rubber meets the road when you’ve reached them, and they are paying attention. How will you keep them, and grow that following?

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