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There is a simple process to convert Social Media viewers, and followers, into visitors on your website or blog. It looks something like this:

  1. Add content to your website or blog;
  2. Copy the URL of the new post or content;
  3. Update all your Social Media channels with a post announcing the new content, and include the link in the post.

Now, for something a little more advanced…

  1. Watch your website analytics (You are using them, right?) to see what referrers are leading people to your new content. Keep track of this over a number of content updates to see if that referrer really is the largest source of views.
  2. Use a tool like SocialBro to determine when the best times for updating your Social Media are. Make your important Social Media posts during those times.
  3. If you update your content and use Social Media to drive people to it, be sure to post about it more than once. Call it a “reminder”. Over-posting looks like advertising, and will turn people off.
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