Websites are a necessity for businesses of any kind. They have become as integral to your branding plan as matching business cards and stationary are, and have been, for so long.

Choosing a designer for your web presence is just as difficult as finding a good mechanic or an interesting date for your next free Friday night. You need to mesh well, and they need to be able to listen to your needs while proposing solutions for your program… solutions that are WHAT YOU NEED, not what you might think you need… I know, that can be a worrisome issue. After all, how do you know what you need?

That’s why you hire someone you mesh well with. They’ll get to know you and your needs. Believe me, if they don’t ask you a bajillion questions about who you are, your business plan, goals, mission statement, and core values—on top of everything about your visual identity—they don’t know enough about you to do the work effectively.

Will it be cheap? Define “cheap”.

Websites=more business=more profit. No website=less communication with the outside world=less business.

The actual question to ask yourself is: “How much money am I losing by not having a website that suits my business’ needs?”

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