Let me tell you a modern parable.

A wandering man is given directions by a helpful passerby. He walks one hundred paces north. He walks twenty-five paces west, and then he continues for another sixteen paces in a vaguely south-westerly direction.

Based on what he was told, he has arrived at his destination. There is a metal door set in the brick wall, and he has no idea what to do next. Angry that he has wasted his time, he turns around and walks away.

Social media gives your followers directions, a place to go, or something to read. They may follow your directions, or they may leave, disgruntled. Why? There are no signs on your “door” telling them what to do next.

Hang your sign, your call to action, where they can see it. Tell them what do you want them to do with the directions you’ve given them. It completes the communication.

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