I imagine you would have trouble believing that social media strategy can be based on a martial art. Stick with me for a moment, and I’ll show you what I mean.

Let’s look at Aikido for a moment.

You’ve seen it in movies, particularly Steven Segal films. He makes it look splashy, but the core of the art is much simpler. Aikido is about blending with your opponent, entering into a state of harmony with his energy, and redirecting it as necessary.

When you break down an encounter with another individual, it looks like this:

“Oh! I see where you’re going, and understand the thing you want. Let me show you this, instead. It will serve us both.” (Namely, I won’t get hurt, and I’d really rather not hurt you. I know you’ll appreciate that.)

Can you see how that interaction is a pattern for basic human communication? I have heard you, and understand you. I would like to show you something beneficial.

Confrontational communication is disruptive, and sometimes useful. It doesn’t lend itself to building long-term beneficial relationships. Try blending with your audience, instead.

The steps are simple. Listen to people. Understand what they want. Provide it in a way that is beneficial to them, and to you. The natural reaction on their part is to stick around because you provided unique value in a harmonious manner, without confrontation.

Get out on the “mat” and build some relationships.

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